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P Pex or MB Pex Fittings

This is an informational web site for a putative class action against Uponor, Inc. and a related company, RTI, for Pex plumbing systems. Uponor's fittings are identified by a P Pex or MB Pex stamped on their side. Homeowners who brought this case claim that Uponor's brass fittings were incorrectly designed and manufactured. As a result, the homeowners allege that the Uponor Pex fittings fail prematurely sometimes only months after installation. Substantial water damage may occur when the fittings fail.

Uponor has stopped selling the style of brass pex fitting at issue in this lawsuit. In court filings, Uponor has admitted that these plumbing fittings were "defective," "unreasonably dangerous" and "not merchantable." These defects, according to Uponor, caused the fittings to fail prematurely. See the Uponor Pex Failure Documents page of this web site for more information about statements Uponor and its representatives have made about these fittings.


New Developments

The lawsuit filed against Uponor for this problem is currently pending in federal district court in Minnesota and pretrial discovery is well underway. Although the lawsuit John and Helen McGregor et al. v. Uponor, Inc. and Radiant Technology, Inc. is pending in Minnesota where Uponor is located, the case seeks class action status to cover property owners elsewhere. The court has not yet decided whether the case will proceed as a class action.

For information about another Pex related lawsuit, visit www.zurnclassaction.com.

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  Disclaimer: This web site was created by the attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the case against Uponor, Inc. The web site is not intended to provide legal advice.